Environment Performance 2020

The total emission of CO2, all three plants during the financial period FY2020 contributed 28,413.16 Co2/Tonne and replanting of 728,543 trees are required for SCGM Bhd to be sustainable.

The charts below depict the diesel and petrol consumption used by company trucks, vehicles and fleets during the financial period. 


From the CO2 Emission of water consumption, we show that we need to plant 4,525 trees to offset the CO2 emission generated from water consumption.


SCGM will use rainwater harvesting system to collect rainwater from rainwater downpipes surrounding the factories as well as at the warehouse for the purpose of watering the factory landscape as well as washing the plant.

Social Performance 2020

The table below shows the training hours and the types of training for Head of Departments, Executive/Clerical and Production level respectively.

Economic Performance 2020