Supply Chain


Supplier internal assessment was conducted last year to ensure suppliers conform with our sustainability guidelines and based on the guidelines provided, enclosed below are the results of our Supplier ESH Performance Audit.




For year 2020, we did not perform physical audit on the suppliers, however we request suppliers to fill up our supplier audit checklist and based on the checklist we found that more than 90% of the suppliers met or conform with our requirements in line with our sustainability guidelines. The chart below depicts our results from surveys being conducted.

The table below depicts the type assessment based on the survey being conducted. Based on the survey being conducted, SCGM Bhd, will continue review its supplier assessment based on for ratings C and above. Based on the ratings, SCGM Bhd found out that most suppliers do not conform with adequate housing facilities for its foreign workers and will continue to assess the supplier via physical audit for thus upcoming sustainability statement.

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